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Tinkle Holiday Special No. 53

  • Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha (Books)
  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: One Time
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Wondering how to increase the fun quotient in your holidays? Wonder no more! We bring to thee, Holiday Special 53! Get ready to dive into a world of stories, fun and laughter! 

What’s inside? 
• What do you think of a camping trip and babysitting a younger brother? Prissa thinks it is the perfectly horrid start to the holidays. But things are about to change beyond her imagination in Modern Mythos: The Epic of Oosy. 
• Eunice has stepped into a wonderful world where love and magic bloom. Join her as she goes Into the Woods. 
• From the woods, it’s time to go underwater. Makami’s friends have challenged her to touch the protected gate of Amphilora. Will this prove to be bad for the Amphilorans? Find out in The Gate of Amphilora. 
• Holidays are a time of great fun and frolic. Join in on the amusement in the lively poem Holiday Hoopla! 
• There’s loads of homework for Lois, Juls and Anub, and they can’t wait to get it over with. But home work takes a sudden back seat because their little town is Not As It Seems. 
• There’s gloom in Sunshine villa. The kids are troubled by the cleaning chores in sight as are the ghoul family in the attic! Read what happens when they meet in A Ghoulish Diwali. 
• There are some things one must never mess with, one such being the Power of the Sun. Read the story to find out why. 
• Laugh out loud underwater in the speechless comic Fishy Food. 
• If you can’t convince someone, confuse them. But if you’re Suppandi, just Confuse Fun-fuse everybody! 
• Riddhi wants to go for a picnic with her friends but she has to stay at home looking after her kitten, Lola. Will Riddhi leave? What will happen when Lola is alone? Find out in The Lola Problem. 
• Take a trip to planet Zurth and join little Zizi’s journey in an animal shelter. Read Zeeps and Zoops to know if Zizi will make friends or if her past experiences will deter her. 
• Tantri has a wicked new plan. He’s turned Raja Hooja into a baby! Is the throne of Hujli finally Tantri’s? Or will his plans go kaput? Read Baby Booming to find out! 

An assortment of cool puzzles and factoids brought to you by the SuperWeirdos, Suppandi, Ina Mina, Mynah, Mo, and more! Also learn how to make a self-balancing toy and the science behind it in Do-It-Yourself: Self-balancing Toy! 

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Publisher Amar Chitra Katha (Books)
Language English
Frequency of Publication One Time