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Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my first Issue?

After you have placed your order, you should get a mail from us confirming the details of your order in the next few minutes. We aggregate all order details and share with the respective publications regularly. Once received, the publication will process your order, take payment for your subscription, and fulfil the dispatch of each issue.

Your order is processed by within 24 hours of receipt of the order and the money. However, the process at the publishers end normally takes 4-6 weeks. Hence, one should buffer 6 weeks from the date of order placement to commencement of magazine delivery.

It has been over 2 months and I have not got my first issue yet. What should I do?

Generally, your magazine subscription should start within 4–8 weeks. If you have not received your first magazine after 8 weeks, please write to us at Please mention your order number, full name, and delivery address to help us contact the publication and get a solution quickly.

I received the first issue of the magazine but the assured gift didn’t come along with it? What should I do?

Gifts and special offers normally take 3–4 weeks after the subscription starts. Free gifts are sent separately and will not arrive with the first issue of your magazine.

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes you can. But, you must let us know within a day or two from the day you place the order. We normally process your order within 24 hrs of receipt of the payment. After that it enters the process of the publisher. We will take all efforts to cancel your subscription if it is not already processed by the publication. We will check with the publisher and inform you whether the order can be canceled of not if your request comes after 2 days.

Can I get a refund?

Yes you can get a refund, on certain instances.

You have got a confirmation from IndiaMags on your order, but have not been delivered the first issue even after 90 days of having placed the order. Please provide us with a maximum of 60 days for us to do a mandatory verification check with the publication and make the refund to you.

Gifts/Gift cards are non-refundable.

I entered my payment details and place an order – and all I got was a blank screen! I got charged but don’t have the order details. What now?

We’re really sorry for the inconvenience. Please don’t worry. You will receive a call from us on the same day as you placed the order and your subscription order will be completed offline. We suggest you do not try booking again as you may end up getting charged twice.

You can also write to us on


What happens to my money if the transaction is failed or cancelled for any reason?

In case your transaction is not successful or you have cancelled the order, the payment gateway will automatically return the cash to your account. In case you have not received the money back, please email us your full details on and we will check and revert back with details.

How do I know if my subscription order has been placed?

You receive an email from confirming your order details on the same day as you have placed the order.

Can I renew my subscription through IndiaMags?

Yes. You can certainly renew your subscriptions through IndiaMags. We will send you reminders through SMS and e-mailers before the expiry of your existing subscription. To process your renewal order we will require your existing subscription details and previous order details.

Is it possible to subscribe for another person through my account?

Yes, just enter the details of the person you want to subscribe for when you’re asked to enter shipping details at the time of placing the order.

Can I gift a magazine subscription to someone?

Absolutely! All you have to do is specify the address of the person in the shipping details during the checkout process. We will send a gift card on your behalf to this person letting him/her know of the magazine subscription. Alternatively, you could also buy a voucher on the site and we will ship it to the person on your behalf. They could then choose the magazine title they wish to subscribe.

Can I place a bulk order on IndiaMags?

Yes you can place a bulk order on the site. However, we suggest you contact us with your request and we will work out a solution that works as per your requirements and will be a better offer for you.

How do I change my address?

To change your address, you will need to contact the publisher directly. Unfortunately, we are unable to make any amendments to a live subscription on behalf of a customer. You can find contact details for subscriber services within an issue of the magazine itself and on their official website.

What are the payment methods/ options?

The following modes of payments are available:

  1. Domestic and international credit cards issued by banks and institutions that are part of the Visa, MasterCard and American Express Network
  2. Visa Debit cards
  3. Net banking and direct debit payments from selected banks in India. A full list is available at the time of check-out and prior to making payments for purchases

What currency can I use to pay for the order?

Only in Indian Rupees (INR)

I paid for the wrong product what do I do?

You can request for a cancellation. Please send us the details to our email address, with name, Telephone, product ordered for; amount, and transaction ID, and we will refund the money within 7–14 working days.

Is there any cash on delivery option? How does that work?

Currently, we don’t offer cash on Delivery option. However, on the payment option, you can choose cheque/ funds transfer / money order option and locally deposit the cheque in icici bank or kotak bank.

Can I do a cheque deposit or send a cheque to you?

Yes, we have bank accounts with ICICI Bank and Kotak Mahindra Bank. You can deposit your cheque locally in these accounts and courier it to us. The details are available on the payment screen, along with the address, the IFSC code, and the bank account number. It is very easy to make a local cheque deposit.

Once you drop a cheque locally at your ICICI or Kotak bank, just write a mail to us at giving cheque details.

What should I do if my bank does not have an online payment facility?

On our website, you will find a list of banks that support online payments. If your bank is mentioned, then you will be able to get the facility; otherwise,  please speak to your bank representative. You can still make payments using your credit card or Visa debit card on the site.

What should I do if my bank is not authorized for e-payment?

If my bank is not authorised for e-payment, then your options are to use a credit card or a debit card. You can also send us a cheque and upon the clearing of the cheque we will process your respective order.

What is the timing for making payment through internet?

Payments can be made 24x7 using the payment gateway. NEFT and RTGS timings would be as per RBI and bank rules. Those would be available on the bank's site.

If I encounter any problem while making e-payment through internet, whom should I contact?

You can call us at our customer service number, +91 9319977135 between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., 6 days a week, or email us at and we will help you with all your queries.

How will it appear in my credit or net banking statement?

The transaction ID in the name of WHUSO Ecommerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. will be on your card statement.

Do I have to pay for credit card or net banking transaction?

There are no extra charges for credit card or net banking charges unless they are levied by your bank.

Do you have EMI options, if yes, what are the options?

Currently, we don’t offer EMI options; your bank might offer you EMI options once the transaction has been done.

Do you accept pre-paid cards, if yes, which ones, and are there any charges?

Sorry, currently, we don’t accept prepaid cards.