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Publisher Partnership

Over last 5 years of existence, has worked with over 100 large publishers in India as a key reseller channel for growing their subscription business. Our publisher partners have immensely benefitted from our partnerships. They benefit from selling to our strong and loyal customer base of over 1,00,000 is spread across 900 towns in India.  

Being an Innovative company, we have introduced an Industry first – INSTASTART feature with some of our partners – where the subscriber does not have to wait for 4-6 weeks for subscriptions to start – The first copy reaches in 1 week.

Apart from traditional online traffic generation tools like SEO and SEM, we have a powerful emailing platform and capacity for email marketing. We consistently work on promoting sales through corporate partnerships, Institutional sales (colleges, schools and libraries), affiliate programs, sales drives, coupon sites, bulk sales, etc. We have a strong and experience team to process renewals for all the titles that we have sold. We also engage in multi-publisher bundling of mutually non-competing titles to offer a great value to the customer. Here is our offering for Magazine Publishers: 

Reseller Partnership for Subscription Sales

  • Start Selling your subscriptions online through – in less than 2 days. 
  • Low Onboarding Cost  - A small one time publisher Listing fee. 
  • Competitive Commissions completely based on sales performance.
  • Reporting & MIS - Access to weekly MIS on sales generated, activities conducted for marketing etc. is the perfect destination for providing a fillip to your magazine subscription business.  We are keen and would be very happy to include your set of magazines and publications as part of our Magazine Subscription Sales Portal. Please write to us and start selling your titles on 

Additional Services from Indiamags:

Over last 5 years, Indiamags has equipped itself with a range of capabilities and strong experience in marketing, sales, operations of subscriptions across a wide range of Publications across all top publishers in India. We also offer additional services for publishers who are interested in partnering with us to leverage our experience in management of subscriptions across their own and partner channels. 

  • Subscription Process Outsourcing – We can handle your entire subscription management process – from order receipt to customer service to renewals. 
  • Subscription Ecommerce & Digital Marketing– We can setup your online subscription sales website, with payment gateway integration and offer digital marketing like SEO, SEM, EDMs, Corporate Tie-ups, renewals etc. 
  • Operations Platform on Cloud – we can offer a hosted subscription operations platform as a service, where the publisher pays an annual fee and enjoys complete control over subscription process hassles like order processing, payment reconciliation, commission management, channel management, renewals processing, subscription tracking and MIS across all channels.


Please write to us at if you are interested in an alliance with Indiamags. 

Looking forward to partnering with you.