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IndiaMags: Subscription Destination...

IndiaMags is India’s first magazine subscription portal. best subscription destination where you can find a wide selection of International and Indian magazines, ranging from photography to politics and cricket to culture. We feature over 1500 Indian magazines along with international magazines, so you will find something for each of your interests. We work directly with publishers; this enables you to get the best discounts and special offers available first., which started in 2009, is now wholly owned by WHUSO Ecommerce Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Our objective is to make all repeat-purchase products easier to purchase. So subscribe once and receive your favourite magazine at your doorstep. Forget the newsstands and do not miss a single issue.  

We believe that as literacy and income levels go up, reading of magazines will increase. We want to make reading and subscribing to magazines easy and convenient. Through Indiamags, we have built the largest online destination for magazines for you to explore, subscribe to Hindi and English magazines, and manage multiple subscriptions at attractive prices. A convenience that is valuable for everyone whether reading lovers, corporates, institutions or libraries.

You can also gift magazine subscriptions to your friends and family members.

Variety of choice, convenience of exploring, ease of shopping, and ever-ready friendly support are what we seek to offer you.

So go ahead and read. Indulge.