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Tinkle Holiday Special No. 52

  • Publisher: Amar Chitra Katha (Books)
  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: One Time
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It's time for some holiday fun! Get ready for laughter, tears, adventure, mystery, learning and so much more in Holiday Special 52! It's a guaranteed fun ride with 96 pages of freshly brewed content!

What’s inside?
· Why is everything so grey and grim and why is Thor so listless and bored? Find out in ModernMythos: Gloom and Doom as Thor and his friend, Pan, travel to India on a life-changing trip.
· Shazia’s new to town and finding it difficult to make friends. But, wait! Is there something magical happening? Read Storytime for Shazia to know more!
· Laugh out loud as Suppandi and Maddy wonder what life would be if they were not humans, but animals or birds, or even insects!
· The zombies are back in Brains vs Grains! Run for your lives! Or, maybe not. Because they’re VEGETARIAN?!
· Life seems to be changing in an unbelievable way for poor Abeba, the baby elephant. Will the journey lead to a better end? Find out in Tusked Triumph.
· Amit and Amrita are excited to be on holiday at Jardeeling. But it gets more exciting when they find out that Jepali curios are getting stolen all over the town. Join the mystery in The Curious Case of the Curios!
· The Hujli Annual Children’s Festival is on and the NOISians and Halbe sisters have all joined the fun. However, things take a turn for the worse and it seems like no one is Kidding Around!
· Children are turning into digital zombies and it’s up to Arnav to figure out a solution. Join him as he traverses the digital world with the amazing digital scientist, Roshni, in (Don’t) Go Digital.
· Nix, the tooth fairy, is just not getting any teeth! Will he find any good milk teeth or will he be banished to the gutters? Find out in A Toothy Tale.
· We all know that crocodile tears means fake tears. But how did this term come to be? Follow Brock in Years after the Tears and you’ll know just how!
· What happens when the Defective Detectives, Shambu, Shanti, Suppandi and the terrible duo of Rascala and Pascala fly together? ABSOLUTE MAYHEM, that’s what! Grab your seatbelts because there’s Terror in Tinkle Skies!

A variety of cool puzzles and factoids brought to you by the SuperWeirdos, Ina, Mina, Mynah, Mo, the NOISians and more! Also learn how to make a movie projector for fun evenings with friends and family in Do-It-Yourself: Cardboard Projector

Additional features
Publisher Amar Chitra Katha (Books)
Language English
Frequency of Publication One Time