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Journal of Operating Systems Development and Trends

  • Publisher: Consortium eLearning Network Private Limited
  • Language: English
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Journal of Operating Systems Development & Trends (JoOSDT): The Journal of operating system development & trends includes, computer operating systems and architecture for multiprogramming,multiprocessing, and time sharing, resource management, evaluation and simulation; reliability, integrity, and security of data, communications among computing processors, and computer system modeling and analysis.


Focus and Scope Covers

  • Implementation of multi programmed OS
  • Architecture of OS
  • Multiprocessor, multimedia and real time OS
  • Models of thread implementations
  • Tradition and real - time signals
  • Clocks, timers and callouts
  • Inter process/ interthread synchronization and communication
  • File organization, file system interface and virtual file systems
  • Graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Linear block addressing (LBA)


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Publisher Consortium eLearning Network Private Limited
Language English