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Hangla Hneshel Magazine

  • Publisher: Greymind Publication
  • Language: Bengali
  • Frequency of Publication: Monthly
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About Hangla Hneshel Magazine:

Hangla Hneshel is India’s first Bengali food magazine. Having got huge captive audience for last 8 years & regular circulation of 20000 copies and huge number of PDF copies per month, which increases during any special occasion or festival. The magazine is based on one theme every month. Providing recipes given by renowned  chefs and culinary experts. Having got tie up with Zee Bangla Rannaghar ( TV show on Zee Bangla  Channel) where they promote the magazine everyday on their channel and the best recipe of their show gets gratified in the magazine. The Hangla Club members give their recipes based on an ingredient every month. The Special issue covers about 100 recipes based on the occasion.


Subscribe Hangla Hneshel Magazine:

Buy Hangla Hneshel Magazine on Indiamags and get your copy delivered at doorstep. Hangla Hneshel Magazine is a food magazine which is set to grab the attention of a million through its scintillating ideas and innovations of Bengali food. The grandeur and appeal of Bengali food is an eminent aspect in all over the cosmos. And now it's ready to entertain you through the amazing thoughts of the old and new recipes of Bengali food.

Additional features
Publisher Greymind Publication
Language Bengali
Frequency of Publication Monthly