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BW Education

  • Publisher: BW Business World Media Pvt Ltd
  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: Bi-Monthly
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About BW Education:

BW Education is an umbrella community for the entire education sector including K-12, Higher Education, Skill Education, Professional Education and Education for Social Responsibility. It aims to engage students, parents, educators, leaders, policy makers, service providers and every person associated with the education industry. The situation today calls for a complete synthesis of the industry to build an innovative, disruptive and quality India. BW Education highly promotes successful case studies, researches and ideas that have been practiced and can be learnt by others to replicate. Education here goes beyond the pen, papers and academics and moves towards an idea of creating a holistic human being. BW Education is a Bi-Monthly Magazine.


Subscribe BW Education Online:

Subscribe BW Education on Indiamags and get your copy at doorstep which covers all about the Indian Education Ecosystem Schools, Colleges, Universities. Details about the Exams, Scholarships, Educational Policies and Technologies that helps students, parents and teachers.

Additional features
Publisher BW Business World Media Pvt Ltd
Language English
Frequency of Publication Bi-Monthly