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Business India Magazine

  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: Fortnightly
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About Business India Magazine:

BUSINESS INDIA is India's first and foremost business magazine. Launched in February 1978, this business fortnightly pioneered the market for business journalism in India. Through the years, despite new entrants in the field, BUSINESS INDIA enjoys the enviable reputation of being India's most respected and credible business magazine. BUSINESS INDIA is today, celebrated for its authority and credibility; for its ability to look into the future; for its in depth analysis; and for its wide range of coverage. It is a 'Must-Read' for business leaders, policymakers, institutions and academia.


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Buy Business India Magazine on Indiamags and get your copy at your doorstep which is focused on Corporate Reports, Industry ReportsBusiness Notes, Businessmen in the news, Government and th economy, Banking and Finance, The Markets, Personality Profiles and more. Business India Magazine complete picture on Indian business and the economy.


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Language English
Frequency of Publication Fortnightly