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American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products

  • Publisher: AkiNik Publications
  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: Annually
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About American Journal of Essential Oils and Natural Products:

American journal of essential oils and natural products is a peer reviewed journal. Prime focus of the journal is to publish articles related to the current trends of research. This journal provides the platform with the aim of motivating the students and personals in the essential oil and phytochemistry research and development. It covers following subjects: Essential oil, Chemistry of natural products (CNP), Botany, Aromatherapy, Pharmacognosy, Plant Biotechnology, Bioactive natural products, Plants components, Aroma science.


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Subscribe now on Indiamags and get your journal as The International Journal of Herbal Medicine considers review and research articles related to: Botany, Medicinal Plant Research, Pharmacognosy, Phytochemistry, Ayurveda, Natural chemistry, Agriculture Science, Unani Medicine, Biotechnology and Biochemistry.


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Additional features
Publisher AkiNik Publications
Language English
Frequency of Publication Annually