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International Journal of Thermal Energy and Applications

  • Publisher: Consortium eLearning Network Private Limited
  • Language: English
  • Frequency of Publication: Bi-Annually
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About Thermal Energy and Applications:

International Journal of Thermal Energy and Applications publish original, high quality research and review papers that are capable of triggering a domino effect in the field of mechanical engineering and also supports practical application of the established research that forms the core of the subject. Journal covers all major topics in thermal energy applications ranging from thermal, non-thermal processes to ocean thermal energy. Journal aims to unroll the scroll of recent advancements and application that can prove to be an asset in building a strong backbone on the subject matter.


Subscribe Thermal Energy and Applications:

Buy Thermal Energy and Applications from Indiamags and get your copy delivered at doorstep. Focus and Scope of the Journal covers Thermodynamic Equilibrium, Non Equilibrium, Thermodynamic systems and processes, thermal management/control, Heating and cooling technologies, Thermochemical Storage, Energy Transformations, classical, statistical, chemical, Atmospheric, Biological Thermodynamics, Thermodynamic properties and relations, Thermal interface materials and Thermoeconomics.


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Additional features
Publisher Consortium eLearning Network Private Limited
Language English
Frequency of Publication Bi-Annually