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Champak Malayalam Magazine

  • Publisher: Delhi Prakashan Vitran Pte Ltd
  • Language: Malayalam
  • Frequency of Publication: Monthly
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Who is it for?
CHAMPAK is a name children swear by. Launched 1968 before man place a foot on the moon! There are generations that have grown reading this magazine.
CHAMPAK is published in 8 languages.
A sure gift that mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts and grand parents can give their daughters, sons, nieces, nephews or grandchildren
CHAMPAK is beyond its 46th year of publication. You can buy online at a discount price for yourself or gift a subscription to your near and dear ones.
What will it do for you?
CHAMPAK is a bouquet of short stories, comic strips, puzzles, brain teasers and jokes that sets the child's imagination free. It is the largest read children's magazine in the country
Languages – English, Gujarati, Hindi, Kanada, Malyalam, Marathi, Tamil,Telugu
What is different about it?
CHAMPAK is India's popular children's magazine that is dedicated to the formative years of a child. The fascinating tales in it not only leave a deep imprint on the mind of its young readers but also impart them with knowledge that they will treasure for years to come.
Whether you are a parent, grandparent CHAMPAK is a good beginning for your dear little ones.


Why Champak Malayalam Magazine:

Subscribe now on Indiamags as Champak is the largest read children’s magazine in India. Champak has been a part of everyone’s childhood being published in 8 languages, and carries an bouquet of short stories, comics, puzzles, brainteasers and jokes that sets the child's imagination free.

Additional features
Publisher Delhi Prakashan Vitran Pte Ltd
Language Malayalam
Frequency of Publication Monthly